Greatness from the Ground Up

growing photo smTo grow the best-tasting grapes, we know that every detail matters. That's precisely why at Grapery® we spend so much time and effort perfecting our method. We are patient growers...a new vineyard can take three years to produce its first grape and creating a new varietal can easily take eight to ten years or longer. Yes, the art of growing grapes is a time-honored tradition – and an endeavor that certainly honors time!

Growing the most flavorful grape begins even before its planting. Because table grapes are not planted from a seed, selecting the perfect rootstock to start the vine from a cutting or graft is extremely important. By carefully choosing stock that is resistant to disease, Grapery limits its need to use crop protection.

Grapes break bud in March, bloom in May, and are primarily harvested July through November. Working together, the perfect combination of sun, water and soil create delectable grapes. California's sunny, hot and dry summers make our grapes the best-tasting fruit...naturally. And, California's extensive water storage and delivery system provides access to much-needed water – water that is painstakingly conserved through a drip irrigation system that has been adopted and fully implemented by Grapery.

The root of our success lies in our soil - where compost and biological fertilizers combine to make Grapery's soil rich for our new plants. It is here at ground level where you will find Jack Pandol Sr. personally fine tuning the irrigation and supervising the spoon feeding of plants with organically based fertilizers and plant extracts to encourage and ensure the best flavor.

Skilled vineyard workers prune every winter to guarantee our grapes are the best they can be. Pruning reduces crop load, and makes the remaining fruit of higher quality. Additional hand skilled labor works diligently to trim and position bunches so they will develop with the proper balance of sun and shade, and will yield a crop bearing the ultimate in supreme flavor, color and size.