Picked at Their Peak

harvest smGrapery's goal is to harvest fruit with the highest sugar and flavor possible. Our skilled workers are trained to choose only those bunches with the most vibrant color - and they always pick our ripe and ready grapes by hand. Unlike other producers in the industry, Grapery® waits several days or weeks longer to pick grapes, making sure that our grapes are at their peak appearance and flavor.

Once picked, Grapery grapes are hand packed with the utmost care into loose packs, clamshells, tissue wrap and bags. Grapery works very hard to use new and innovative ways to pack and display its fruit. Our packaging is designed to protect the table grapes from any damage during transport, as well as to clearly show the consumer the quality and characteristics of our special grapes.

From planting to harvesting – and all the way to the grocer's case, Grapery's thoughtful processes all contribute to delivering the best tasting, most flavorful grapes on the market today. By working closely with our domestic and international customers we make sure the cold chain (moving our grapes from the field to cold storage as quickly as possible) is seamlessly maintained. This extra care ensures that Grapery grapes arrive at their destination in their intended, superior condition.