Making the Most of the California Sun

planting smAt the Grapery®, we not only care about growing the finest, most flavorful grapes, we take pride in how our grapes are grown. Only by planting varieties that meet our strict criteria and offer the highest flavor, can we be confident our customers receive the juiciest, best tasting grapes available. Additionally by diligently caring for our vines, we ensure they remain healthy and resistant to pests and disease.

A Grapery plant bears fruit with world class flavor that is second to none! We feed our plants a rich and balanced diet of compost every year - and our highly skilled team is careful not to overload them. Our vines are fertilized weekly with complex nutrients that are natural to plants.

We take note of every detail, including the structure of our vineyard and the physical space that is occupied by each vine. The use of an overhead gable trellis system, pioneered by Grapery in California, allows our leaves to be more fully exposed to the sun. Fruit hangs underneath the metal and wood structures in our vineyard and as a result, it is protected from the damaging rays of direct sun. Grapery grapes receive filtered light and air movement, which in turn prevents disease and further enhances their color and most important of all... their unparalleled, rich flavor.

Grapery grapes are produced in a smart, natural system that enhances the environment and makes a great tasting and healthy product. Our grapes provide excellent nutrition, delicious flavor, as well as a delightful eating experience. Our hard work and attention to detail produces a bounty of succulent grapes every season that are not only beautiful on the outside - they are also beautiful on the inside - and are bursting with a one-of-a-kind, memorable taste.