Breaking New Ground — Innovation

loopStaying a Step Ahead

We take our promise of exceptional flavor very seriously. It takes innovation to deliver on that promise consistently. Day after day. Season after season.

No other table grape company can compete with our thoroughly researched, innovative and meticulous growing process.

It all began with a simple observation. When we'd share our grapes with friends and neighbors without fail they would compliment us on the amazing flavor. They asked us why the grapes they were buying in the local grocery store didn't taste as good as ours. We quickly realized that our deep passion for flavor and excellence really was unique. And so were our grapes.

Delivering on Our Promise Through Our Process

Over the years we have conducted a wide range of experiments that led to a wide range of breakthroughs we've incorporated into our remarkable process. The Grapery® team feeds our vines meticulously with organic-based fertilizers and compost. Unlike many others, we use drip irrigation so we can supply the precise amount of water and plant food.

Letting the Sunshine In — In Just the Right Amounts

Our system of trellising the vines to expose the fruit to just the right amount of sunshine enhances the grapes' beauty—inside and out. In the fall, our workers carefully cover our vines with recycled plastic to protect the fruit from rain so we can harvest later when the flavors reach their absolute peak of flavor.

Flavor Flavor Flavor

Flavor, pure and simple, is what we're all about at Grapery. Our commitment to providing the most delicious table grapes in the world is what drives us at Grapery. Unlike others, we don't pick our grapes all at once. Instead, we carefully harvest each field several different times, patiently selecting only the very best fruit when it's at its very best. Best practices and innovation are what helps make the difference.

Picking the Right Partner

More than ten years ago Grapery began investing in the breeding of exciting new varieties through a partnership with International Fruit Genetics. We are now literally harvesting the "fruits" of that venture with our newest offerings in our Flavor Promise® and Flavor Pops® lines, Tear Drops® and Cotton Candy®. Grapery is excited to offer our customers these remarkable all-natural grapes, bursting with over-the-top flavor. Plus, there are several other exciting new cultivars in the testing pipeline right now that we hope to announce soon.

Focused on Feedback

The final and most vital component of our Continuous Innovation Loop is the feedback from our retail partners and consumers. We want to hear from our consumers about what they like, what they don’t and what ideas they might have for the future. This feedback drives our decisions throughout Grapery’s business. By soliciting, reviewing and acting on these responses we decide what and how to continue developing the most flavorful and enjoyable table grapes in the world. So contact us today or like us on Facebook and tell us about your experience with our delicious products.

More to Come

Around the next bend, you can be sure we will offer more news and updates about all of our extraordinary new grapes.