What started as exclamations of delicious surprise have grown into a chorus of acclaim for our flavorful grapes. From nationally celebrated television and radio shows such as The Today Show, Good Morning America and On Air with Ryan Seacrest to internet media giant Buzzfeed, our premium table grapes are causing a stir. And with the appearance of each new story consumer interest spreads.

Our unique Cotton Candy® grapes have been featured on popular lifestyle shows like Dr. Oz, The Doctors and The Rachael Ray Show. While articles in news outlets such as the New York Times, the New York Post, the LA Times and the Huffington Post have built excitement up to record levels. And it keeps growing! Local news stations, trade publications and independent bloggers, such as The Produce Mom and Eat Like No One Else, are spreading the word about our world class grapes. While headlines are popping up internationally as well with articles in Hong Kong’s Daily 7 and The Globe and Mail in Canada.

Grapery’s innovative and unexpected varieties keep that momentum going. New varieties like our out-of-this-world Moon Drops® and our incredible Flavor Promise® line of grapes are building grassroots support on social media. And for our retail partners, this means big potential profits!

There are just too many stories to list them all, but click on the links below and follow us on social media to begin to see what all the buzz is about. Then contact us and become part of the Grapery story.

Grapery Still Buzzfeed Opening Card

At more than 2 million views and counting, this is buzz you can believe.

Good Morning America

Watch us turn a good morning into a great one!

Grapery Still Vogue Article

Innovative flavor is always in fashion.

Grapery Still Govenors Ball

Read how our grapes met the stars!

Grapery Still The Produce Mom

Get creative with, “hands down the most popular grape,” the industry has ever seen.

Grapery Still First Look with Scott Cox

Take a good look at exceptional flavor!


Watch Mo and Rachel talk about the future of our grapes.


Discover how we helped the Today Show shine!

Grapery Still Eat Like No One Else

Even the most discerning food finds our varieties worth writing about.

Grapery Still And Now You Know

Flavorful new varieties are in development.


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