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Aisle Proud

The impeccable quality and incomparable flavor of table grapes from Grapery make them truly unique to the marketplace. One juicy bite and you'll agree, they're the best grapes you've ever tasted. Better yet, your customers will agree, too. Grapery grapes are premium table grapes that command a premium price consumers are willing to pay—once they've tried them— to help meet your profit goals.

The Shape of Grapes to Come

Our grapes stand apart from the standard red, green, and black offerings. Grapery grapes come in many distinctive shapes and flavorful varieties. Your shoppers will be naturally drawn to the show-stopping uniqueness of our Cotton Candy®, Tear Drops®, Gum Drops®, Flavor Promise®, Flavor Pops® brands and others.

The Importance of Partners

At Grapery, we're driven by innovation, thanks in part to our partnership with International Fruit Genetics. Working in tandem with IFG, we're always experimenting, searching for new and better ways to grow all-natural grapes that are even juicier and more flavorful, and to uncover new and exciting varieties just waiting to be discovered.

We're ready to be your partner, too, in the innovative marketing of our grapes to your store customers, assisting with smart, attention-getting packaging, point-of-sale materials and other highly effective promotional tools we offer.

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