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Our Passion for Flavor

keeps on growing

When Jack Pandol founded Grapery in 1996, he followed a family tradition of grape growing that spanned three generations. He had one goal: to produce the best tasting table grapes in the industry.

By pioneering, adopting and refining various farming practices, Pandol passionately led his team at Grapery through a series of innovative breakthroughs that ultimately resulted in the delivery of outstanding, mouth-watering, all-natural grapes with an amazing flavor for consumers around the world.

Grapery CEO Jim Beagle is a fifth-generation California farmer who grew up working in the region's vineyards. He shares Jack's single-minded devotion to growing the world's best-tasting table grapes. As a result, sales have grown every year and Grapery continues to branch out.

Leading the way as a team, Jack and Jim have forged relationships with several strategic partners, resulting in a remarkable track record in cutting edge flavor innovation. Through their leadership, Grapery has developed an ever-expanding selection of inspired, delicious new varietals for our customers year after year, season after season. Today Grapery proudly ships its juicy, delectable table grapes to grocers across the country and around the world. People can't get enough of them.