Proud Heritage. Perfect Climate.

As founder of the Grapery®, Jack Pandol (pictured above with his father, Jack Pandol) possesses a widely respected heritage of table grape production. His grandfather Stjepe emigrated from his native Croatia at the turn of the century and farmed his first vineyard in California's San Joaquin Valley. The flat terrain and dry, hot summers proved the perfect environment for growing what is known as nature's oldest cultivated crop.

Working in the fields alongside his father and uncles, Jack learned invaluable insights about all aspects of the business. After earning a degree in Viticulture from UC Davis, he later returned to the family's vineyard where he would eventually work in management and help to grow the business into a worldwide producer of table grapes. He branched out on his own and founded the Grapery in 1996 following a three-year appointment with the California Environmental Protection Agency.

His goal for the Grapery was simply a matter of ... (ahem) taste. Jack Pandol envisioned a table grape so incredibly plump, juicy and delicious that he became laser focused on one thing. Flavor. This unswerving passion has resulted in a company that continues to grow the best tasting, all-natural, most highly sought after table grapes on the market today.