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Only your friends at Grapery could cultivate and deliver such a variety of unique, delicious grapes.

These innovative and distinctive grapes are such an amazing taste experience that there's only one name that will do: Flavor Pops.

Our supply may be limited but the demand keeps growing. Thanks to our best practices and Grapery's unique Continuous Innovation Loop, we are happy to introduce more and more new varieties of grapes. Just like our Flavor Promise varieties, these all-natural, distinctive grapes are held to our highest standards, ensuring that you can place get your hands on the most unusual, unique, flavorful grapes possible.

These one-of-a-kind varieties are so new we haven't even had time to name them yet. So our team identifies them with a variety number. We'd love to hear from you or your customers. (How about some potential names too?) That's part of our Continuous Innovation Loop...getting input from our retailer partners and grape-loving consumers. We use that feedback to help us in our neverending quest for bigger and better flavor. And don't forget to like us on Facebook. Look for the latest news there too.

Once we can learn which grapes consumers love best, we'll incorporate everyone's valuable feedback into our Continuous Innovation Loop development process to help determine the future of these delectable grapes. Availability is limited, so it's best to order these well ahead of time.

You've got to try them. They are superb...and they're only from Grapery.

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