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The moment you first bite
into one of our grapes,

The moment you first bite
into one of our grapes,

They’re luscious like grapes. Juicy like grapes. But the flavors, they’re just flat out surprising. Some taste like cotton candy. Some like gummies. Some you can’t even describe.

It’s easy to assume these would be artificial. But they are in fact all natural with no GMOs whatsoever.

We credit this to our innovative and sustainable farming practices in California’s southern San Joaquin Valley, where the days are hot and nights are warm—just the way our grapes like it. We pick them by hand, handle with care, and proudly serve them to you so you may enjoy their pure one-of-a-kind taste.

This wasn’t a process born overnight. It’s the culmination of family-owned principles refined over the years by Founder, Jack Pandol and CEO, Jim Beagle.

Jack Pandol, Founder

Jack’s connection to table grape production began generations back when his grandfather Stjepe emigrated from Croatia in the early 1900s to start his first vineyard here in the valley. Working the fields with his father and uncles, Jack learned everything he could about table grapes and amplified his knowledge by studying Viticulture at UC Davis. He then returned home, rose into management, and eventually started Grapery. It is here that Jack developed new types of irrigation, fertilization, and managing grape vines to take in more sunlight and fresh air.

Jim Beagle, CEO

Jim grew up in a California family who also takes great pride in farming for many generations. After achieving an agriculture degree from UC Davis and working many years with a prominent California table grape grower, Jim advanced his knowledge by attending Harvard where he gained his MBA. From there, Jim returned to the vineyards and reignited his career where he joined Grapery in 2008, assuming the role of CEO.

While Jack and Jim bring a great deal of knowledge to the table, their commitment is undoubtedly just as important. During peak time, it’s a daily ritual for them to walk the vineyards and taste fruit from every block, giving nods when their fruit is ready for harvest.

Grapery makes it a point to not harvest all grapes at the same time. In fact, we only harvest when our grapes are fully ripe and at the peak of their flavor—all to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the most incredibly plump, juicy and delicious table grapes possible.

The way we see it, when you do things with heart and passion, nature gives you the most exciting, wondrous fruit out there. And after all of these years, we feel there’s no better way.  

So go ahead. Bite into one of our grapes.
And while there’s a good chance you’ll say wow, we won’t be surprised.

We hear this a lot.